Hello Lovely {My Love Affair with Matilda Jane} | Southern Utah Photographer

It all started with the Serendipity collection for me.  Zoe was 2 and I was invited to my very first trunk show, but I couldn’t be there.  I wanted to support the Jane (MJ code for hostess) so I told her to pick out some of the cutest and text me.  Flash forward 3 years and my love for MJC has grown into near obsession.  The clothes are darling, unique, and quirky, just like my girls.  There are countless ways to mix and match current lines with past lines, and a huge community of fellow MJ lovers.  I love the trunk show business model, welcoming other women into my home to ooh and aah over these clothes alongside me, the anticipation of release day, the excitement when your awesome Trunk Keeper snags the sell out item for you.  All of it is just fun!

Now that you know my obsession try to imagine if you will the pure thrill I got when MY awesome Trunk Keeper, Errin, agreed to let me put together a styled shoot for the first summer release, Hello Lovely – Road Trip.  Although I had no idea what the clothes looked like I started planning.  With every sneak peek Matilda Jane put out I got more excited because the things I had planned were coming together to match the clothes so well!  It seemed like March 31 would never come, and then it did!  The shoot was exactly how I had pictured it.  The models were perfect, the weather was perfect, all of it just went off without a single hitch!  So without further ado…

A very special thanks to Birdie Baby Boutique for the darling headbands, Braedon for lending his radder than rad VW, and Errin and Cass for the models.  Without you all my vision would NOT have happened!


Cass Miller - They just turned out soooo perfectly! Thanks for letting is be part of the fun! Xoxo

Cher Houston Photography - Thank you! I just love photographing those cute little Miller ladies! Xoxo right back at ya!

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