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Welcome to my new weekly series!  I had really hoped to post this at 10:00 am not 11:00 pm, but the day got away from me and so here we are.

Today I want to talk about getting fancy.  We all have those times that call for an extra special something, whether it be a wedding, birthday, or holiday.  I absolutely love having a good excuse to dress my girls up, and its just my luck that my oldest LOVES to dress up.  Anything that makes her feel like a princess goes.  For Zoe the more sparkles, poof, and frill the better.  If I just want the dress to be the star of the show I usually like to tone it down on the other accessories.

I for one don’t think that fancy dresses should be reserved for fancy occasions.  Nothing warms my heart like going to the grocery store and seeing a little girl dressed to the nines.  Now I’m not saying we should be out buying fancy dresses for every day wear, but if your little lady was a flower girl and had a fabulous dress why tuck that away in her closet?  If she wants to wear it let her!  If she wants to wear it with rain boots and sunglasses?  Even better!  I mean a person can only get away with that for so long before she stops looking adorable and starts looking crazy!

I have had the chance to work with Angela from Tutu Girl Boutique a few times and every time I do I just LOVE the finished product!  She makes the most beautiful special occasion dresses.  I wish I had known about her when I needed flower girl dresses for my wedding because she can basically customize anything you want, and these aren’t your run-of-the-mill dresses.  The details are just perfect, the accessories she makes are made to match and are just the right touch.

I photographed these dresses for her to use on her website, but after revisiting these images I suddenly want to play around with the styling on them.  Stay tuned for a whole new spin!  Until next time lovely people 🙂

Coral 2
Coral 6
Pink 1
Grey 7


Liz Shelley - Such beautiful shots! I agree! I love seeing kids all dressed up with no where to go!!! Haha

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