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I have always loved to shop.  Back in my single girl days I would make sure I had just enough to cover the bills and on payday my bestie and I would run to Vegas after work and blow our entire paycheck at Banana Republic.  This love turned into a full blown obsession when I became a mother.  Everything is just so cute when it’s little.  I always find myself saying, “Why don’t they make this in my size?”

My current favorite life-size doll is the littlest lady of the Houston house.  She has not quite yet formed an opinion about her wardrobe so I am free to dress her as I please.  As long as she has “soos” on her feet she is happy as can be.  Quinny is at the perfect stage right now, she can still fit into the baby sizes but she can swing over to the toddler section too at most places.  She really is just a little dream to dress and she is my one child who actually loves having her picture taken so you will probably be seeing a lot of her here 😉

Somewhat recently I became enamored with Matilda Jane Clothing.  When Zoe was 2 I bought one outfit and I did love it so much, but full MJC fever didn’t strike until last year and now I’ve got it bad!  Sometimes I like head-to-toe MJ for a frilly fun look, but for a more every day feel I like to highlight just once special piece with some basics.  Here I paired a single Matilda Jane flutter top with some jeggings and a little denim jacket (staples that everyone should own in my opinion,) then I topped it off with a darling headband and some fabulous shoes.  So I guess my tip of the day would be to take your basics from ordinary to fabulous by mixing them with one fabulous piece and some cute accessories.  It’s all in the details!

DSC_2715 copyW
DSC_2742 copyW
DSC_2692 copyWH
DSC_2729 copyW

top: Matilda Jane Clothing | jacket and jeggings: GAP (similar here and here) | headband: Ruby Blue Inc | mocc boots: Mini Moxie

I am thinking about making this a weekly series.  If you would like to see more posts like this let me know 🙂


Liz Shelley - oh that baby girl is too stinking cute! You dress your kids so perfect! I lov these tips! Keep them coming please!!!

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